A Way to Better

Do you remember in school when they would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? What did you say? 

I think I said a singer at one point, which anyone who knows me would laugh at that thought. Though I have to say Kirsten and I do a pretty mean rendition of “This I Promise You” at karaoke. 

I switched from singer to painter, to interior designer, maybe a teacher?  

Christmas 1990 something,

I got my first camera, a Kodak STAR 110.


Meaghan (who will probably not be thrilled with me for posting this; so sorry sis) and I did our own photo shoots and we got very creative. See for yourself….

(I made them very small as to limit the amount of embarrassment that this is one brings.) 

And so began my love of photography.

I never thought of turning this into my career though, until a friend saw the picture below and asked me to take her senior photos. The rest is as they say history.



In Sunday school

I remember being asked that question too. “What do you want to be when you grow up” as I got older the question got more real.

The message in Sunday school was different though. They weren’t asking just to inspire us to think about our future. They were asking what talents we were given, what passions we were gifted and how we could use those passions, those gifts in our every day lives someday.  

And still the older I get the more just loving photography and loving my job isn’t all I wanted out of a career in it. Something was missing. I sit in church and volunteered at vacation bible schools and consistently would hear the same message being taught. “Use your daily lives to Glorify God.”

Side tracking a bit…. 

I LOVE coffee – shocking I know  

So I heard about this company called Generous Coffee and I was curious.


This company supports an organization called Humanity and Hope. Humanity and Hope is a non-for-profit organization that brings well…humanity and hope to families, communities and people in Honduras. They are doing some amazing work to bring work to people who don’t have the choice of what they want to be when they grow up and yet are so grateful to have even just one day of work. This in return brings clean water to villages, education to children and so much humanity and hope to the communities.

I bought some of this life changing coffee and duh loved it….its coffee....but I was also inspired. 

This is where this extensive blog post comes together.

I feel so moved that God used my love of coffee, my love for photography and my incessant need to watch reality TV (ooopse - did I forget to mention Ben Higgins - the bachelor is part of this amazing company?) and put a desire in my heart to use it all to help other people.

I connected with Maddie on the Generous Movement Team (fun fact – she is from a town that is just 20 min from where I went to High School! If that’s not meant to be….)

She let me know how I can make an impact doing what I love.


Starting now,

With every session that is booked, a portion of all proceeds will be given to Humanity and Hope to support their efforts.

That means every time you want to see that smile of your loved one on your wall you will also be putting a smile on the face of a child, a mother, a community.

This is all leading up to something big in 2020, so stay tuned for that!

In the mean time be part of something that is changing lives, read more about Humanity and Hope here - https://www.humanityandhope.org/

Drink life-changing coffee - https://generousmovement.com/

And share that beautiful smile you’ll love forever with someone who needs a little smile of hope.– melissasphoto.com