Here for the "Boos" - Just Trying To"Creep" It Real

Shockingly- to no one- I am a day late on posting this blog! Also sorry for the “corny” puns I just really “fall” for a good one and there’s so many for fall. Oh my “gourd”! Sorry, I’ll stop. :)


October is a love-hate relationship for me. Anyone else?

I LOVE fall…but I mean who doesn’t?

Really, I love the beginning of any season. It’s something different, it feels like a fresh season of adventures.

October though is something different. You get the pumpkin patches, the leaves changing, and the fun fall activities and you get…Halloween. I’ve always dressed up, enjoyed a good Halloween party, fun with friends. But, I don’t love scary movies, haunted houses and pretty much all the things people love about Halloween.  

Fun fact though, I’m engaged to a Halloween fanatic. He does a count down to Halloween by watching a different scary movie every night.

As someone who left in the last 5 minutes of War of the Worlds (yes that really happened) I struggle to get through it, and those who’ve known me long enough find this to be hilariously the pinnacle of “opposites attract”.

The first year of dating I was a good sport. I was still trying to impress him. Second year I was so head over heels in love that I got through it. Now though I think we’re at that good stage. The comfortable stage. Still head over heels in love but we the kind of love where we both just accept that I will enjoy his presence from the other room while I re-watch Gilmore Girls for the third time, because again….fall ❥.

So to indulge in the fun of Halloween and October with him but also keep my sanity I am starting a photo challenge. I’ve done these before and they are always so fun! Every day features something fall or Halloween related and memes don’t count (for me at least). It’s fun to try to get all original content or throwback to falls past.

Join me! It’ll be fun to indulge in the spirit of the season together, whether you ARE a Halloween fanatic or a simple lover of fall. 

I want to see what you come up with too. Show me the fun you are having with fall October, and Halloween! using the #MSPLoversOfFall