Over Explaining: An Introduction

First I should tell you I am not a writer. The purpose of this blog is not to debut my hidden brilliance of writing. I went to school on a very technical level. I want to love communicate emotion and thoughts visually. That being said, I think there’s always been this lust for writing in my heart that I just never seemed to be able to realize logically. I’ve put off writing this blog because I didn’t want to add another facet to my website that hits hard on my love for photographs. People get it. I love photography, I get super cheesy when I talk about photography. Ohhhkay if you talk to anyone who knows me they will tell you I’m cheesy about everything, but so it goes. So that’s not the purpose for starting it then. I guess the purpose of my venture into writing is simply to add a three-dimensionality to the photographer posting her favorite images. Complete honesty, I noticed lately I’ve had realizations about the randomness of human interaction and how everyone’s thoughts and thought processes are so different and it intrigues me. So there ya go this blog is about nothing in everything.

Some of my posts will be a sentence.

Others you’ll have the Ross Geller “FRONT AND BACK!?” moment.

It will be based on a thought, a bible verse, a song lyric, a quote from a person I admire.

None of it will be cohesive.

I’ll include photos (because duh.) and to try and break up some of my run on sentences that I tend to write because as I said I’m not a writer and just have so many scatterbrained thoughts I’ll try to get out and it’ll all come out in one big paragraph with no punctuation and lots of ands.

I will likely try to be funny and inevitably fail.

I’ll hope you agree with some of my thoughts, but I undoubtedly know you mostly wont. I hope you share it with me respectfully.

I am 24, so no I do not have years of wisdom to share with you, but I have a lot of thoughts I want to talk with you about.

This is what it is. Welcome to my blog

Because I wish this is where I was writing this from. Also because I referenced F-R-I-E-N-D-S

Because I wish this is where I was writing this from. Also because I referenced F-R-I-E-N-D-S