Inspiration from Real People and Clichés

I have these moments of complete and unreal enthusiasm. Moments where everything I’ve worried about the week prior seem silly and I become mindlessly invincible. Moments of unapologetic enthusiasm.

I rarely follow through on all of them or at least fully. Probably due to my easily distractible brain or the bluntness of reality and most likely my incessant need to re-watch all 9 seasons of The Office before I begin my day. Regardless, they are my favorite moments. They are moments I feel like my hopes and dreams aren’t crazy or far-fetched. And I wonder what it’d be like if I full on James Franco these moments: just went for it and saw what happened, a “one for them five for me” or more accurately “one for reality and sensibility, and five for zeal."

It’s partly why I started this blog, to get my aspirations, inspirations, and ambition out there somewhere. Maybe it’ll help me act on them or at least it’ll make me remember them tomorrow.

Just in case you wondered where these little nuggets of random thought come from, this one is brought to you by a podcast called “Off Camera With Same Jones." Specifically an episode where John Krasinski said “It’s crazy we get to do what we do” speaking of course about the film industry, but more broadly about doing what he is so incredibly passionate about and doing it for a living. More than once through the chat he started a thought by saying, “again this is going to sound [cliché, pretentious, insert adjacent hipster adjective here]”, and then went on to explain how emotionally involved he is in each project he was describing. All of this in the tone of a 5 year old who can’t get into words how awesome his first trip to Disney was. It was perfect. And it is exactly what I mean by unapologetic enthusiasm! We all want to feel like this about something, about anything! Or just about life in general.

It’s insane, however, to think that our lives would be a continuous string of moive-esk moments, where all these moments are realized and everything is wrapped up in a pretty little bow at the end. It’s not insane, though, to live in these moments of enthusiasm. To not look so relentlessly for this unattainable, continuous state of pure bliss and happiness, but instead to live in joy in the moments that happen and finding peace in the in-between. To be foolishly optimistic and speak in clichés because what great inspirations would we miss out on with out them.

“When you believe a thing believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” -Walt Disney

If you haven't already go listen to Off Camera with Sam Jones. I cannot tell you enough how inspiring it is to listen to real people talk about real things. To hear where they came from and the way they realized their aspirations or how they continue to find new ones. Seriously it's wonderful.